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Innovative insights into Patients' needs.

About us

Our rehabilitation center was established to provide patients with expert and professional care in the fields of physiotherapy, orthopedics and neurology.

An additional asset is psychological counseling for children, adolescents and adults. We focus on comprehensive, reliable and modern activities that help in recovery or alleviation of symptoms of diseases.

The offer of the Park Zdrowia – Modern Rehabilitation Center is dedicated to people of all age groups – both in the form of consultations, therapies and outpatient treatments, as well as rehabilitation holidays. The combination of knowledge, enthusiasm, experience and innovative outlook on the needs of patients allowed us to create this place.

We are committed to ensuring that the offer of medical, rehabilitation and psychological assistance is always at the highest level, and that the comfort and sense of security of our clients is undisturbed. We are constantly training, listening to your needs and making every effort to ensure that our rehabilitation center provides proper health care.



Excellent location - picturesque village, 7 km from the birthplace of Fryderyk Chopin in Żelazowa Wola (proximity to Warsaw)

Let's meet

Park Zdrowia - Modern Rehabilitation's team of specialists

Dr. Bartosz Kościuczyk

Physician. Graduate of the Medical University of Lublin. He gained his professional experience in the field of orthopedics and traumatology of the musculoskeletal system at the Department of Trauma and Orthopedic Surgery of St. Anna Hospital of the Rehabilitation Center “Stocer” on Barska Street in Warsaw, at the Department of Trauma and Orthopedic Surgery of the Prof. Dr. n med. Jan Bogdanowicz Children’s Hospital on Niekłańska Street in Warsaw. He currently works at the Center for Specialized Surgery ‘Ortopedika’. Co-founder of ‘Health Park’, Vice President of Somedical Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.


Milena Kościuczyk, MA

Master of Law at the University of Gdansk and Master of Administration at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun. Graduate of postgraduate studies at the Warsaw School of Economics – Medical Business Management. Co-founder of ‘Health Park’.
President of Somedical Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. Founder of
and Owner of Psychological and Pedagogical Clinic ‘Zielony Łoś’ in Sochaczew.


Marika Szacho-Głuchowicz, MA

Sociologist with a specialization in business. In our team, she plays the role of a manager with special skills in creating excellent relationships with patients, focused on team building and relationships on social networks.


Dr. Pawel Dryzalowski

Graduate of the medical faculty at the Medical University of Lublin, doing specialization
of child neurology at the Children’s Clinical Hospital of the Medical University of Warsaw. Active in scientific activities as a pre- speaker at scientific conferences on neurology and pain management. Au-tor of articles in Polish
and foreign journals and co-author of medical textbooks.


Zuzanna Gasińska

Physiotherapy student at the University of Rehabilitation Sciences
Warsaw. She is currently working as a Medical Registrar at our Rehabilitation Center.


Piotr Grzybowski, MA

Master of Physiotherapy. Graduate of the Higher School of Rehabilitation in Warsaw. Certified exercise therapist using Lokomat. As part of his professional development, he completed a course in corrective gymnastics in children using The-raTogs.


Michał Grzybowski, MA

Graduate of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. M.Sc. in physiotherapy specializing in the treatment of pain in the spine, peripheral joints and sports injuries. Completed OMT Kaltenborn Evjenth manual therapy, Manual Medicine according to FRSc and Dry needling course


Sandra Szewczyk, MA

Graduate of the Medical University of Lodz – majoring in Physiotherapy. She specializes in: neurological rehabilitation (post-stroke, Bell’s type facial nerve palsy, cerebral palsy), geriatric rehabilitation, corrective gymnastics for children, therapeutic massage for adults, rehabilitation with physical stimuli (physical therapy).
As part of in-service training, she completed courses: Rehabilitation after strokes, Corrective gymnastics in children, TheraTogs training. She gained professional experience working at the Central Military Medical Clinic in Warsaw.


Emilia Lewandowska, MA

Graduated from the Medical University of Lodz at the Faculty of Physiotherapy with a master’s degree. Specializes in rehabilitation of children and adolescents, diagnosis and treatment of postural defects in children, rehabilitation of adults. Completed training courses: PNF course, Scoliosis-diagnosis and physiotherapeutic management, Developmental Movement Method – W. Sherborne.


Paweł Mędygrał, MA

A graduate of the Medical University of Lublin.
He specializes in post-surgical rehabilitation, sports rehabilitation and working with orthopedic patients.
He completed the course: lymphatic drainage, functional and transverse massage, FDM I and II and kinesiotaping.


Katarzyna Budnik, MA

Master of Physiotherapy at the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw, NDT BOBATH therapist. Completed courses in basic PNF, FITS, Training in manual therapy in pediatrics.


Natalia Milczarek, MA

Master’s degree in Physiotherapy and Sensory Integration therapist. Graduate of the Medical University of Warsaw. Completed courses in PNF, Neurodevelopmental Diagnosis of Children 0-12 msc, Soft Tissue Mobilization and Dynamic Plastering in Pediatrics, Functional Assessment and Medical Record Keeping for Developmental Age Patients, Improvement of Children with Neurological Deficits, Sensory Integration.


Katarzyna Bednarska, MA

Master’s degree in physiotherapy and Sensory Integration therapist. Graduate of the Higher School of Rehabilitation in Warsaw and the Wincenty Pol University of Social and Natural Sciences in Lublin. She completed postgraduate studies in Sensory Integration at the Kujawsko-Pomorska Higher School in Bydgoszcz under the auspices of the Polish Society for Sensory Integration. Completed courses and training: Shantal Massage Instructor, Physical Recreation Instructor specializing in Corrective Gymnastics, Hand Therapy 1st and 2nd degree, Complex Fascial Therapy, Bilateral Integration- school program.


Agnieszka Pruska, MA

Graduate of the Paweł Włodkowic Higher School of Education
in Plock, majoring in pedagogy – early childhood and preschool education and therapeutic revalidation. She completed postgraduate studies in special pedagogy – education and rehabilitation of persons with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. First and second degree course in Sensory Integration and numerous trainings related to special pedagogy. She works with people
with intellectual disabilities of various degrees and people with autism.


Małgorzata Rudnicka, MA

Logopedist, Pedagogue, Oligophrenopedagogue, Therapist


Katarzyna Lewińska, MA

Pegadog. Psychotherapist undergoing graduate training at the Institute of Process Psychology. She is certified to provide individual, couples, family therapy and work with groups under constant supervision.
As part of her training at the Institute of Process Psychology, she participated in a year-long course on working with dreams as one of the manifestations of the process-human experience. She also participated in the seminar “Psychotherapeutic Perinatal Care. Working with the mother-infant diad.” in a psychodynamic approach. She is currently in the middle of a course on issues related to the conscious use of rank by the therapist and clients in the therapeutic relationship.


Małgorzata Górniak


Martyna Rossa, MA


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